The first cooperation model
Drop Shipping

10%~20% profit range

Local delivery in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia

Provide great pictures and copywriting.

Dedicated affiliate program manager.

The monthly newsletter provides the latest information on promotions, competitions and sales opportunities.

The registration process is free, simple and fast!

Brand licensing of LaiFug

The second mode of cooperation

20%~35% profit range

Provide great pictures and copywriting.

Dedicated wholesale planning manager.

The registration process is free, simple and fast!

Official brand authorization of LaiFug

Don't take our word for it


This cat condo is perfect. I put my 2 cats inside at night so they won’t wake me up early in the morning. There’s plenty of room for them to play and have their kitty litter also in the bottom. The wood has a really thick gloss finish which make for easy cleaning.

Ben Mena

United States


I have a cane Corsica who is 150 lb. hulk. This is the first bed he can just flop on and not have something hanging over the edge. The little headrests are very appreciated by him. He isn’t spending ten minutes prodding the bead to bunch up to make one for him. It is very thick so his joints are protected.

M. Albanese

United States


My dog loves this so much! It’s super durable and fun.


United States


Love the dog bed. The dog bed is roughly the size of a crib mattress. It has a waterproof lining just like a crib mattress as well. It is well sealed just in case..... ;) The faux fur cover would be ok to hand wash. My kids like to cuddle with the dog on the bed — it’s too cute. Overall we love it! HUGE Memory Foam Bigfoot dog bed! LOL. Our dog loves napping on it - and my girls love sharing it with her - or just chilling out on it as well.

Brandi Hollis

United States


I ordered this cat feeder because of my male cat having trouble being sick after eating sometimes. After some research I found that an elevated bowl might help him, so I got this feeder. It works great, both my cats love it and it is much neater than the ones before, because of its round and deep design the food stays in, without making a mess when they eat. Most days I come home from work to completely empty bowls now. Added bonus is the cute design.


United Kingdom


Our distributors are free to choose the mode they want to cooperate with.

1️⃣drop shipping: After your customer places an order, you send the order information to us, and we will arrange to send the product directly to your customer within 24 hours. And organize the corresponding invoice for you. You only need to arrange payment within 24 hours of receiving the invoice;

2️⃣Wholesale: You place orders in batches according to your needs, and we will send the goods to your warehouse. You arrange delivery according to your order data.

United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom

Locally shipped orders such as drop shipping will take about 1 to 5 days to arrive. Wholesale mode orders are determined according to the detailed delivery address. It takes about 40 to 45 days in the United States. If you have special needs, you can make a note.

For agents, our return policy is that if there is any quality problem or wrong delivery within 30 days, we can provide return and exchange services. However, if damaged after use, we generally do not provide this service.

Other related returns and disputes are one of the risks of the agent and need to be resolved by the agent.

But we give two suggestions: 1. Customers buy replacement covers by themselves. 2. The agent and the supplier each bear half of the risk.

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