For Cats

Cats are not arrogant. They are kind, affectionate, and selfless. They love you with all their hearts, not because you can open cans.

Laifug® has designed and produced many practical products for your cat. Multifunctional wooden cat house, portable cat bed and a variety of adjustable cat bowls to alleviate the cat's cervical spine problems. You can definitely find the products you need here.

Indoor Cat House

LaiFug® wooden indoor cat house has brakeable universal wheels, non-toxic varnish, acrylic panels, sisal scratching posts, and small wooden stairs.

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Cat Toys

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Cat Beds

LaiFug® cat bed was developed by studying the behavior of cats. The cat cave bed adapts to the cat’s habit of living in a cave. Give the cat a more sense of security. The foldable cat bed also increases the portability of the cat bed and is more convenient.

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Pet Bowls

LaiFug® cat bowl is adjustable, raising the base to relieve the pressure on the cat’s cervical spine and prevent the cat from vomiting and other adverse eating reactions. We use food-grade PVC material and a non-slip base to fix the position of the bowl.

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Your Needs

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