Laifug®'s mission and aspiration is to create splendid life for animals.

Company Culture

Laifug® has been committed to bringing a more comfortable and functional living environment to pets.

From focusing on dog beds to pet furniture, although the scope of Laifug® design is changing, what remains unchanged is our original intention-creating splendid life for pets. All our work revolves around such a core focus.

Laifug® has been focusing on dog bed design for many years, and we attach great importance to the influence of original design on a brand. We have many external designers and in-service designers. Laifug® not only focuses on the appearance of the product, but also pays great attention to the practicality of the product. We hope to be able to solve the practical problems that pets encounter in their lives through our products. For example, we will design a zipper storage bag for each dog bed.

We are not afraid to use expensive materials, because this will be your way to get the maximum use value at a one-time expense. Our memory foams are all made of the highest specifications in the factory, and Laifug® memory foam dog beds will not sag within 3 years. This is also a way for you to save your budget.

We always consider who our customers are, what they need, how we do it, and how we can better improve our service. We focus on progress and continue to improve every year.

Although we are not good at publicity, we are a responsible company. While making profits, we are also actively helping more pets in need.

The following is the team we have been cooperating to help, if you have spare capacity, please help them too.

Rescue elderly dogs in hospice care from high mortality shelters and restore their quality of life for the rest of their lives:

Excellent kennel LoneStarEliteK9:

If there are more animal rescue teams in need, please contact us, you can contact