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Every time you recommend a fan or friend to buy our products, you can get a 10% commission.

Opportunity to try samples for free

Become our ambassador and you can get random free samples to try.

Exclusive discounts on Laifug products

Become a Laifug ambassador and you can get exclusive discounts on our products.

We will help you promote your video

We will tag your account on Laifug's social media to help you spread the word.

What will you do?

1️⃣Create 1-2 videos after receiving Laifug products.

2️⃣8 - 15 seconds of unboxing, reviews, lifestyle videos and other videos you want to showcase Laifug's creative way!

3️⃣Send your created video source files to the person in charge of Laifug via email, WhatsApp or Skype.

4️⃣Make content revisions as needed.

5️⃣Use hashtags/hashtags to share product review content and brand information.

6️⃣After we approve and post content, include @laifug/@laifugvip #laifug #laifugvip.

7️⃣Grants Laifug the right to use your content on the website, social media, marketing and promotional uses.

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