The Reason We Are An Amazon Hit

The Reason We Are An Amazon Hit - LaiFug

Our pets are our salvation. We will experience low points in our lives and will need a confidant’s emotional support. This can come from pets. They may not talk, but their silence is filled with affection.


That love needs to be returned. Dogs that have lived through pain are developing ailments common to aging. This led to our first design, the double-pillow memory foam dog bed.

Double-pillow Design:According to our research, large and small dogs don’t have consistent cervical spine height. So for our first bed, we designed pillows with different heights: 3 and 1.8 inches.

Extra Large Dog Bed Design: Finding suitable beds for giant dogs is hard. It’s difficult for them to stretch out on a general bed. So, we designed the extra large dog bed. Combining aesthetics and practicality, we settled on 50"*36"*10". This size fits most large dogs, is thicker than most large dog beds, and holds up to 200 pounds.

Orthopedic Dog Bed Design: 30D support sponges and 40D memory foam ensure that the dog’s bones can relax, and the dog bed will not easily deform. This is especially for a dog with joint pain, hip dysplasia, and other issues. Memory foam support for a typical bed isn’t effective, and a dog's weight can compress the bed into the ground. While comfortable, it’s unfriendly to a dog's bones. Veterinarians often advise against soft beds for dogs experiencing bone pain. To make up for losing the memory foam, we adopted the design of memory foam + support sponge. A support sponge has better support than a memory foam, so it ensures the dog doesn't touch the ground while sleeping. To prevent customer confusion, we chose distinctive colors: blue for memory and white for support. This makes placing the memory foam on the dog’s side easy.

Waterproof Dog Bed Design: How to stop you dog peeing on bed? It's difficult for older dogs, so we design the waterproof dog bed. It contains a waterproof lining, this protects the sponge from soaking in urine and other liquids, extending the bed’s service life. It should be noted the waterproof lining cannot be machine washed because of the coating. Wiping it down is recommended. We used a thicker Oxford fabric and applied three coats of waterproof paint.

Chew Proof Dog Bed Design: Unlike cotton and flannelette, suede is more resilient. It resists small amounts of liquid, buffers liquid to the tarp, and better improves waterproofing. It’s soft to the touch, and dog hair is easily removed. This is a real chew proof dog bed, decompression and sharp claws are difficult to easily tear open,the leather-like feel also makes it a modern dog bed.

Removable& Washable Dog Bed Design: considering size, assembly and disassembly may be problematic. Therefore, we designed the zipper track to be distributed around the bed. As such, one person can easily disassemble this extra large dog bed and the dog bed covers are removable. After removal, owners can machine wash the cover without trouble.


This modern dog bed represents our enthusiasm for dogs and their owners. Aging dogs need to be taken care of. If our design reduces their pain, then our hard work and creativity has been successful.


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