Sleep Changes In Dogs From 1 to 12 Weeks

Sleep Changes In Dogs From 1 to 12 Weeks - LaiFug

* Sleep time in the first week is about 16 hours per day. When puppies were just born, due to less breast milk secretion and the puppies' sucking ability was not high, the time of breastfeeding each time was longer and higher, occupying a certain amount of sleep time for puppies.

* In the second week, the average daily reached more than 18 hours. As the puppies' sucking ability and the bitch's lactation ability increase, each time of lactation shortens, and the puppies' sleep time gradually increases.

* The average daily sleep time from week 3 to week 4 is 16 hours. Puppies begin to open their eyes around the third week. After opening the eyes, their activity increases and their sleep time gradually decreases.

* From the 4th week to the 8th week, with the development of puppies' vision and the increase of the range of activities, the daily sleep time of puppies gradually decreases. During this period, the average sleep time is 14 hours per day.

* From 8 weeks to 12 weeks, puppies' daily activity time, eating time and sleep time are relatively stable, with an average of 12 hours per day.

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