New Entrepreneurs Should Take These Steps When Welcoming a Pet

New Entrepreneurs Should Take These Steps When Welcoming a Pet

Bringing home a new pet can be a major transition for everyone in the household, and when you’re simultaneously trying to start a business, it can be overwhelming for both you and the animal without the proper precautions. Figuring out how to set up your home for a new pet and also for your business means you’ll need a solid plan and the right equipment, as well as tech tools that will make life easier; you’ll also need to make sure you have everything your pet will need already at your home when he arrives. Fortunately, you can find an array of high-quality pet products at, from food bowls to memory foam beds.


Take these steps when you’re ready to bring home your new pet and get your business up off the ground:


Write a business plan and nail down legalities


Before you can set up your company, you’ll need to create a foolproof business plan that details things like your structure, how many employees you’re going to have, where your business will be located, what type of products or services you’re going to sell, how much funding you’ll need, and careful financial projections that will tell investors or lenders exactly what to expect. Having a stellar business plan will not only improve your chances of obtaining funding, but it will also help you find success and guide you through the first year as an entrepreneur. Use this ZenBusiness guide on how to start a company when you’re ready to get started.


Set up your home 


Once you have a solid business plan and an understanding of what your professional needs will be, you can start setting up your home. This might entail creating a home office with all the equipment you’ll need for your business, including a comfortable but supportive chair and task lighting that improves efficiency; setting up storage solutions so you can stay organized; or creating a space to store inventory, meet with clients, or prepare packages for customers. If you’re going to have a storefront or office outside the house, you may still need a workspace at home that affords you some privacy.


You’ll also need to prep every room in your house for your new pet. Gathering all the items he needs–bowls, bedding, toys, food, and treats–is one step, but you’ll also need to walk through your home and pet-proof each room. Put away cords that could be a hazard for curious pups, remove potentially dangerous plants, and set up pet gates to prevent him from going into certain rooms or on stairs.


Set rules and routines


Once you bring your pet home, you’ll need to set some rules from the very beginning. Your animal will likely be a bit nervous in his new environment, so establishing some ground rules will give him a sense of security while ensuring that the two of you understand each other. Walk your pet through the home and show him where his bowls will be kept. Start your routines early, including outside time, playtime, and meal times; this will help him learn to trust you and will cut down on distractions or behavioral issues when you’re working.


Give him plenty of attention


As you and your pet get to know each other, it’s important to give him lots of attention and affection. When work is keeping you extra busy, you might hire a service that will provide someone to let him outside, play with him, or feed him so that he’s still getting human interaction during the day. If your office or store is outside of your home, consider setting up a safe area there for your pet to visit when you know you’ll be working long hours.


Starting a business and preparing for a new pet at the same time can be hectic, but with a good plan in place you can tackle both jobs with ease. Take your time with a business plan, as it will give you peace of mind as you navigate these major life changes.


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