How To Protect The Sleep of Elderly Dogs?

How To Protect The Sleep of Elderly Dogs? - LaiFug

If your dog is grumpy, forgetful, disoriented, or has difficulty concentrating on listening to instructions, lack of sleep is one of the possible causes. Older dogs are more prone to fatigue than younger ones, but they are also more likely to be woken up. Disturbing factors such as light, noise and stress may also make it difficult for elderly dogs to get enough rest.

Although the soft bed looks comfortable, an elderly dog, especially a dog with joint problems, should not sink into it and stick to the floor. A more rigid dog bed will provide more support for the dog's joints, making it easier to enter and exit.

It should adapt to all the dog's posture, not just its favorite posture. The  bed is designed to support your dog's joints, especially its back. Many are made of memory foam, which is soft enough to relax, but strong enough to prevent dogs from sticking to the floor. The memory foam will not permanently fix the shape of the dog, so that it will not be deformed by the use of the dog.

Beds made of "hot neutral" materials will provide better sleep for dogs. Although the bed made of wool looks comfortable and soft, the thermal insulation performance is too good. Materials like cotton are more breathable than thicker, denser materials, so they don’t hold your dog’s body heat tightly. A cool, washable, waterproof bed cover is also good for a dog who may have bladder problems. If you are worried that the memory foam may be too warm for your dog, just add a breathable bed cover.

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