Sleep Reflects on Your Dog's Health Issues

Sleep Reflects on Your Dog's Health Issues - LaiFug

Dogs can't speak, they can only express physical discomfort through abnormal movements and abnormal living habits, such as abnormal sleep:

* A dog who had been up and jumping at 6 o'clock and was reluctant to eat at 8 o'clock recently;
* Dogs who had been sleeping at 10 o'clock in the evening have been jumping around lately;
* Suddenly fall asleep during play;
* Frequently awakened, timid or aggressive;
* The dog who was particularly active was not interested in the owner's interaction recently;
* Unwilling to walk, daze, anxious, etc. after waking up.
If you meet the above three items of abnormal sleep, your dog is likely to have other diseases such as thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, anxiety, etc. Please take a good video and take the dog to the pet hospital for examination.

In addition, most short-nosed dogs such as Fadou, starling, bully, etc. basically have snoring. Although they do not need special attention, they do not mean they can be ignored. Because as dogs' physical conditions change, such as obesity, aging, which leads to structural relaxation, increased snoring after medication, and even sleep apnea, we need to be vigilant, these are all signs of illness.


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