Cat Scratching House Introduction

Cat Scratching House Introduction

Why do we design this indoor wooden cat house?

It is common for cat owners to come across these problems : How do I clean my house if my cat has worm infection? How do I stop my cat from running at night? If you are troubled by the same problems, this multifunctional indoor wooden cat house is definitely your choice.

The wooden cat house has three floors, and the middle floor can be entirely taken out for cleaning. It has enough space for 2-3 cats. Besides, the acrylic panels allow more light into the cat house as well as keep its ventilation while making it safer for cats. Elevated base could separate your cats from cold and wet ground environment. This lovely indoor cat house is made of logs, which is quite environment-friendly with very little formaldehyde. Wooden materials keep the house warm, so you don’t need to find extra ways to heat the cat house in winter. With a cushion, you definitely offer your cats a deluxe shelter.

The design of three floors makes it big enough for 2 or 3 pet cats, and even an extra cardboard cat house can be put inside.

The cat house has the rest area, sisal cat scratching post, the feeding area, and the toilet.

cat scratching post

ABS brake rollers allow you to move and fix the cat house.


Special staircases and footsteps make it convenient for cats’ movement.

A free LED light help you take better care of your cats at night.

A latch could better protect your cats at night or when you're not at home.

This cat house is made of 100% pinewood, which is very long lasting and environment-friendly. It is soft and close to nature, protecting cats from getting injured when they fall off or sharpen their paws.

The elevated base separates the cats from dirt.

It has very large space as well as solid materials: Size: 59 x 35 x 24 inches and Weight 100 Pounds.

Its surface is painted with safe varnish, which meets the environmental-protection standards. The timber has been polished over 20 times, so when your cats mess up the cat house, you just need to wipe it.

Extra heating for the cat house is not needed since the wooden structure keeps the house warm. What you could do is just to put a blanket or a Laifug cat cushion into the cat house.

Assembly instructions:
It's really easy to assemble the cat house, which takes about 45 minutes for two people. All you need is a screwdriver. All of our products are in flat pack with detailed assembly instructions in manuals as well as videos (you can find the videos on our YouTube channel). The screws are put in labeled plastic bags and the panels are stamped so that it is easy to put them together. There are also taper pins which help fit screws well into the pre-drilled holes.

Since pinewood is soft and we don’t paint it with hard coating, it is possible to leave hitting marks during transportation or installation, but it won’t affect the use of the cat house at all.

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