An Amazon Review From A Customer

An Amazon Review From A Customer - LaiFug


5.0 out of 5 stars This dog bed is definitely amazing

Reviewed in Canada on April 2, 2022


This dog bed is definitely amazing, although it cost more it is definitely worth every dollar.

I don’t normally give a review but I find this product amazing enough that I would like to share.


Here is little bit info about my dog : He is Long hair miniature Daschund , around 5.6 KG .mini but long long body.


When he was a little puppy, I honestly don’t want to spend too much money on his dog bed, I knew he’ll grow and it’ll become too small which it’ll be damage anyway. So I choose to purchase pet beds are one sale at pet smart around $10 to $15. But as he grew up he nearly destroyed more that 10 of those dog beds in just 18 months


so I was talking to one of my other friend that his dog have the same problem, and we both made a comment that as long as the dog bed is memory foam It would last so much longer . Both our dog will only bite the one that have cotton inside I guess for them it just like a bigger size chew toy, so I start to investment little bit more on dog bed.


I first then purchased the Bedsure and Furhaven, which nothing is wrong with these two brand. The price is fare and decent quality. Although its described as a memory foam, it felt a little bit better than the cotton dog bed which it stopped his biting habit and seems to last much longer than before.


And because my dog is a Daschund, his type of breed will easily have IVDD. I have taken him to visit a specialist, which we found he has has some bone problem and need surgery in the future. So I know it’s time for me to spend more money to get him a better dog bed.


When I was child, I used to fall so bad that I suffer for back pain which got worse as aged, which until I get the tempurpedic mattress ,for the First time I woke up in the morning and didn’t feel my back pain. So I believe it will work the same for my dog . He needs a better quality dog bed and will be worth it.


I end up purchased , Casper , PetFusion , Sealy and LaiFug.


Here is my personal review for these four dog bed according to my pet


Casper - Would not recommend : $158 for a small size dog bed (48.26 x 66.04 x 15.24 cm)

The center wasn’t real memory foam compare to the others. The bed shape It’s not really friendly for my little leg daschund but he loves to bite dog bone inside, as the shape of four sides are higher than the center, it prevents the bone from falling out when he is chewing. Even though the inside foam is not as good as I expected, it also does not even come with waterproof cover for the inside foam. Still, the outside cover looks pretty fancy but it gets dirty easily because the material the treats will sticks on it easily and becomes hard to clean. if you don’t care about foam quality, only want brand name and looks good. Casper is a one choice for you.


PetFusion which is the second dog bed I got after Casper because it didn’t fit my miniature as his body is super long so I was looking for a larger size dog bed .

Pet fusion large size (91.44 x 71.12 x 22.86 cm ) around $160 - $180 depends on colour same price as casper dog bed but bigger size. I used to have PetFusion when I was in china back to 10 years ago, its not popular here but I know the material was good before so I wanted to give it a try and I was right. My dog loved it so much better than casper dog bed, it has protective waterproof cover and also an extra waterproof cover inside for the memory foam. when the foam is pressed down, it will slowly go come back because its not layered foam, its one single thick foam.


The only problem about the PetFusion dog bed is the outside material doesn’t look as good as Casper. It’s more useful for sure as its waterproof, I wish it will have better look/design and also the covers is very difficult to put back after wash.


Sealy large size 91.44 x 71.12 x 17.78 cm $132, it is the third dog bed I purchased after to find the cover for pet fusion difficult to install. I was looking for something similar style but easier to set up. I found Sealy is more easier but cover design is not my style, especially the bottom looks like it gonna tear soon after continues wash. Also the inside foam cover and dog bed cover both are not waterproof at all. Sealy is less soft and have more support at the bottom with gel on top compare to Pet fusion. But PetFusion is thicker and is more soft than sealy. Compare to pet fusion, Sealy seems worth the money because its priced better with the addition of the gel on top which is a bonus.


I found Sealy is more suitable for summer and Pet fusion is better for all season. Gel foam makes me feel it might be more cooler for summer. Over all I prefer PetFusion over sealy bed. Both are more suitable for the dog under medium small dog size.


so after prefer comparing the three beds , I tried looking for something that had Casper cover look design, Petfusion memory foam and easy Sealy cover removal/install. I was really wondering where I can find a Dog bed that has these qualities - and here is when I found the Laifug dog bed.


LaiFug extra large size priced at $205 (127 x 91.44 x 25.4 cm). Although it seems like more expensive compare other three. The size comparison is huge. When the delivery to the door it looked like an actual mattress box because it was so huge. I couldn’t wait to open it, the packaging was appropriate for its size and quality, you can tell you focused on detail. It was nice that all the cover is assembled before hand as the other beds I had install the protective cover.


As my photo you can tell after spending up to $70 dollars more compare the other brands. Its about double the size!

casper large size dog bed are $274 88.9 x 114.3 x 17.78 cm

LaiFug extra large are only $ 205 for 127 x 91.44 x 25.4 cm,

As you can see Laifug is much larger and cheaper


Laifug has waterproof foam cover inside, outside cover are similar design like casper but thinner and more smoother. So it is more easily to clean than casper, and easier to install like Sealy after washed .


The only issue I found with the Laifug bed is that with my dog the foam so thick and high that my little leg dachshund does have a hard time to climb on that he needs to jump/hop onto it. So it might not be as friendly for short leg dogs other than that my dog does fall into a deep sleep on this bed so it must be very comfortable.


Now the dog bed is station in the living room which I love to lay on it myself and in the meantime my dog will run to me which we always have good time playing together on this huge dog bed daily. Its so much comfortable than sitting on the flooring when playing with my pet.


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