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Why laifug

Laifug is a pet mattress company founded in 2015, Our vision is simplebecome an expert on pet mattresses. In 2015, we found pet experts in China, and obtained the physiological parameters and sleep conditions of most pets through the China animal association. Later, we found a factory that OEM high-end mattresses and designed the current pet mattresses together with the data. At the same time, a partner in the team also contacted the designer of a fashion brand to design fashion elements for the mattresses. So when our product came out, it immediately became the best seller on amazon. If you search laifug on amazon North America, you can see how popular our product is.

 With the popularity of dog beds, more and more businesses want to sell our products as agents, and we also want to open sales in other regions. So we welcome any organization or individual who has feelings for laifug to join us.

 If you would like to know about laifug or to consult about joining conditions, please contact natalie@laifug.com

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